Experience the

unforgettable sounds of Black Slate

Black Slate, a pioneering reggae band, has been representing the British reggae industry for over 50 years. Their music spans over five decades, and their live performances showcase their enduring passion for their craft.



Experience the energy and soul of Black Slate's live performances, featuring two generations of the original band members.


Immerse yourself in the iconic reggae sound of Black Slate, a band that has made a lasting impact on the music scene.


Black Slate's live performances are not just music, but a transformative experience that has the power to change lives.


Black Slate's music is pure magic. It takes me to a different place every time I listen to it.

Their live performances are electric. You can't help but dance and feel the positive energy.

Black Slate is the embodiment of reggae. Their music speaks to the soul and brings people together.

I've been a fan of Black Slate for decades. Their music never fails to put a smile on my face.


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